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Kash Patel Reviews John Durham's Statute of Limitations Reference in Recent Pleadings

John Durham’s pleading shows there is no statute of limitations due to evidence before, during and after his indictments.

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A Military Helicopter Carrying Around 20 US Marines Crashed During an Exercise Off the Coast of Darwin

Military V-22 Osprey chopper crashes off the coast of Darwin with about 20 US Marines onboard, as rescue operation continues.

Sky News has confirmed that around 11:00am local time, the Osprey Helicopter crashed near Melville Island during ‘Predators Run’ drills, which involve personnel from Australia, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Timor-Leste.
Sources have told Sky News it is “possible” casualties may result from the crash, as some personnel remain unaccounted for.

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Waiting Room 🎧

"Waiting Room" is the first single from the upcoming EP 'MASS PSYCHOSIS' by The Ballyboyz and Scally. In this official music video, they delve into the internal monologues of individuals sitting in a doctor's waiting room, awaiting their COVID-19 vaccine.

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The WEF Vultures Descend on Maui

Before we dig into what appears to be a globalist first strike genocidal crime scene in Maui. Who are the vested interests in the Lahaina property? After the State of Hawaii Alexander & Baldwin is the second-largest landowner on Maui at over 65,000 acres, and the U.S. Government is the third-largest landowner at over 33,000. Alexander and Baldwin’s largest shareholder is Blackrock inc.

Meanwhile billionaires within the WEF Bilderberg network have been forcing the locals out.

As native Hawaiians fought for rights to their water. The Deputy water commissioner has been allowing millionaires and developers to divert the water. The same water that wasn’t used for 5 hours to fight the fire in Lahaina. However, the diverted water canals protected the homes of the vested interests.

Reportedly, new permit applications that locals had been fighting for were due to be submitted the day before the Maui fires.

While the survivors are refused aid. The minions of Agenda 2030 immediately descended...

Tucker Carlson’s Full TPUSA 2023 Action Conference Speech
The Weaponized Covid Vaccine Rollout

The truth about the weaponized Covid Vaccine Eugenics cash cow has finally been allowed to slowly seep out past its gate keepers. The truth about the three varying degrees of danger in the batches of Vaccines used worldwide have been revealed by medical researchers to be a psychotic ruse. As the numbers of needless deaths are being used as talking points by RFK Jr. who is attempting to unseat Joe Biden. Deemed mal information by the Biden Administration's handlers who have failed to invalidate the truth about the dangers of the vaccines. The censorship has transformed into what it always was to begin with. A tyrannical Orwellian double speak psyop intended to cover up a New World Order genocide debacle that has spiraled out of control.

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Flashback 2015 Alex Jones Discusses DNA Altering Injections, Vaxxine Nanoparticles Activated By EMF

Alex Jones and Dr. Group discuss many of the pharmaceutical ‘innovations’ that were considered science fiction and conspiracy theories back in 2015. They are all now revealing themselves to be true.

#insearchoftruth #infowars #alexjones #vaccines #liquidnanoparticles

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