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Kash Patel Reviews John Durham's Statute of Limitations Reference in Recent Pleadings

John Durham’s pleading shows there is no statute of limitations due to evidence before, during and after his indictments.

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DeSantis Plans to Hold Manufacturers ‘Accountable’ for Alleged Severe Side Effects & Injuries from COVID Shots

"They said there were no side effects & we know that there have been a lot."

"We saw an 86% increase in cardiac related activity in people aged 18 to 39"

Whitney Webb Exposes Crypto Billionaires Who Bankrolled Event 201

SBF, Financial Crimes, COVID + Con Artists with Dr. Jessica Rose on #CHDTV

It’s Time to Wake the F-ck Up
'You're Violating Them!' Dr. Naomi Wolf Gives a Fiery Speech Against Yale University's Vax Mandate

"For sure, there are going to be women who will be injured reproductively for the rest of their lives."

"When that happens, where will Yale be?" asked Wolf. "Yale will have blood on its hands from those young women injured for no medical reason!"!%27-Dr.-Naomi-Wolf-Gives-a-Fiery-Speech-Against-Yale-University%27s-Vax-Mandate:6?r=Afyd6KdCL4T9vMPhBamauamcqgAhNvwM

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