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Kash Patel Reviews John Durham's Statute of Limitations Reference in Recent Pleadings

John Durham’s pleading shows there is no statute of limitations due to evidence before, during and after his indictments.

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The Pentagon and the National Security Agency Ran the Entire Pandemic Response

"Pfizer and Moderna don't really own those vaccines. They slap their labels on them, but it was a Pentagon project."

#covidvaccine #diedsuddenly #suddendeath #myocarditis #heartattack

Dr. Mike Yeadon at Saturday’s Demonstration in London Showing No Mercy for Those Involved

Dr. Yeadon's Judgement:

• Central planners - take a listen.
• Politicians involved - life imprisonment.
• Doctors who ordered injections - life imprisonment.

"Previously, I was against capital punishment. So, this shows the magnitude of the offenses against humanity. That's why they cannot be allowed to roam free and do it again.”

#covidvaccine #diedsuddenly #suddendeath #myocarditis #heartattack

Todd Wood Vaccine Mandates and DEI Programs are Destroying the U.S. Military

This is all by design. They are destroying us from the inside.

#covidvaccines #usmilitary #myocarditis #diedsuddenly #adverseevents

Money Talks Profits Before Patient Safety

Illegal drug company practices that artificially inflate the price of drugs, kickbacks, free lunches. Pharma has a stranglehold on our medical community, and more often times than not… your doctor.

#bigpharma #nofreelunch #familydoctor #prescriptions #medications

AGENDA 2030 – Dutch Farmers, Train Derailments, and EPA Land Grabs
A Message from the Past for Today G Edward Griffin 1969

‼️ Total Government Control Is Communism ‼️

The plan is to use socialism to bring in Communism.

The REAL history of the RED Army; they were the invaders who mass murdered approximately 60 million WHITE Christian Russians, (especially the intellectual so that they could not influence or be able to get Russians to defend themselves).

The same ones who later went after GERMANY and to this day brainwashed the world with lies.

Putin has been really good at not exposing them which still run Russia behind the scenes without the same communism they have in China.

China is the reality of communism they want to have worldwide.

RIGHT NOW, they are simultaneously destroying America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand aka AMALEK... listen carefully to what this man is saying to KNOW what to expect from these terrorists.

#gedwardgriffin #communism #socialism #democrats #liberalismisamentaldisorder


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